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Nursery Cleaning Service

We also understand at first hand the issues day nurseries can often have with the standard of cleaning, how this can affect the scoring nurseries received from Ofsted and environmental health.This is why we ensure our employees have a good incentive to clean to a high standard and our cleaners are monitored regularly to ensure this standard is maintained. The cleaning products we use are child friendly while strong enough to kill the germs and bacteria that can spread so easily in a day nursery environment.

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We are proud to say that we have experience in cleaning nurseries and all our employees are fully aware of our strict cleaning procedures. We only use child friendly cleaning products and we are continually researching different methods of hygiene control so we can give better cleaning service to our clients. Our nursery cleaning service is flexible; we have flexible working hours and we operate year round to avoid any disruption to your business. We always aim to have long term cooperation with our clients; therefore, we always encourage our clients to give feedback so we can conduct improvements on our services. Like in School Cleaning, we set up annual programs depending on the school calendar, including deep cleans, upholstery cleaning steaming and sanitising of premises during half terms and holidays. We also offer to steam alphabet carpets and floors during the half terms at competitive prices.

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